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Customer Care Seminar

Because we are true believers in excellent Customer Care, have over 40 years of Customer Care experience, and are educated in Alternative Dispute Resolution, we now provide coaching seminars on how to turn Customer Care Departments into a winning team.

Our Customer Care seminar includes:  

  • How to diffuse negative situations
  • How to deal effectively with purchasers/homeowners, colleagues, business associates and trades. 
  • Important office procedures to ensure that the Customer Care Department is running efficiently to help avoid conciliations and lawyers letters.
  • Tarion rules and procedures
  • Various interactive exercises
  • Discussions, questions & answers throughout 

Customer Care is the face of your company, and you want to be the best. 

Meet, Mingle and Educate

Excellent customer care is the key to a happy purchaser, and subsequently, a happy homeowner.  An informative and welcoming event is second to none in building a positive relationship with purchasers.  We conduct a Meet, Mingle and Educate which gives your buyers a chance to meet their neighbours while learning the ropes of buying a new home from a builder.  

The event includes:

  • Discuss and clarify the PDI, what is involved                                      
  • Clarify and explain Tarion's role, rules & procedures
  • Clarify and explain builders responsibilities and purchaser's responsibility after before and after closing.
  • Clarify all paperwork after the PDI.
  • Discuss maintenance of your new home
  • Invite trades to come and speak
  • Question and answer period









The Pre Delivery Inspection

We conduct professional, informative PDI's. 

Our PDI procedure includes:
  • Completing PDI's in a timely manner
  • Conducting PDI's according to Tarion Standards
  • Ensuring that your Purchaer's are well taken care of, included in the process and well informed.
Our services are proven to help reduce Tarion       conciliations, compensation requests, and unnecessary  home visits for deficiency repair.  


How We SaveThe Builder Money

 When builders use our services they save money on:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Insurance 
  • Salaries 
  • Risk and safety 
  • Employee training