It's an exciting time for me. I am going to be working directly with a builder along with my other various clients. My mission as always, is to make sure that the purchasers/homeowners who I will be dealing with, will understand the After Sales Service process. I want them to be stress -free so that their new home buying experience as a purchaser, and then as a homeowner, is as exciting and as happy as it should be.

I always say, and I truly believe, that a savvy purchaser becomes a happy homeowner. It only makes sense that if you understand a process and you are clear with the procedures, you can't be anything but comfortable and at ease.

My goal has always been that all of my current clients and all of my future clients have a whole new perspective regarding the new home construction industry. I want them to feel empowered, respected, and to be respectful. I want them to have a strong, lasting and harmonious relationship with their builder. Most of all, I want my clients to be rid of any anxiety about purchasing a new home from a builder, and to realize that this can be a very relaxed and enjoyable journey. You just need the education, and the proper tools to achieve this.