As much as purchasers who buy homes from builders need to be well informed and savvy, the builders need to provide excellent customer service.

There are many purchasers/homeowners who understand the procedures and rules when they buy a new home. They are totally prepared for delays, deficiency timelines for repair, their responsibilities and the builders responsibilities, but the package is not complete if the builder has average customer service. No matter how prepared a homeowner may be, if the customer service department has no patience for their homeowners, it is almost impossible to create a strong and respectful relationship.

What builders need to understand is that customer service is the face of the company, and homeowners go to that department for questions, concerns, or just to find out about new projects in the future. If customer service is tired, anxious and over worked, they will be less then receptive to their homeowners, and the homeowners will react to this sort of treatment. Builders can't possibly expect their homeowners to be understanding, easy to get along with and patient if they are being treated disrespectfully.

Builders need to take reponsibility for inappropriate behaviour by their customer service staff. It's very easy to blame the homeowner for negative behaviour, however; the homeowner came to you to buy their home, which means that they put their trust in you for more than just the structure that they purchased. They came to you because they believed that they would get exceptional attention and service.

Builders, make sure your customer service is not just satisfactory, it should be excellent. Make sure your department is well staffed, experienced dealing with people, and that they have the support of the company. Support of the whole team is key to an exceptional customer service department. Customer service is a very responsible position which never ends, so the support and understanding from the whole team is essential to the well being of your customer service staff.