When people buy a new house or condo, I find it very interesting how purchasers always want to look inside other peoples homes to find out what they paid just to make sure that nobody recieved a better deal, or god forbid, got anything for free.  Just to let you know, it won't get you anywhere comparing with your neighbour.  All you are going to feel is aggravated if you truly beleive they did better than you did with your builder.

Everybodys situation is different, and nobody is ever going to tell you the true story.  You are going to hear that they got all of their extras for free, and that the builder gave them an amazing discount.  I am not sure why, but everybody wants to make it sound like they got the best deal possible, and that the builder gave them everything that they asked for.  

So, word of advice, be happy with your purchase because you obviously wanted your new home or you wouldn't have bought it in the first place.  You have enough to think about without worrying how your neighbours faired with the builder. Also, just to let you know, builders usually don't give ANYTHING for free, nor do they negotiate prices, so really the only differences you and your neighbours have are the sizes of your mortgages, and that is nobodys business.