When you buy a new house or condo from a builder, some people believe that they should hire a professional home inspector to come with them to do the Pre Delivery Inspection. I am all for a thorough inspection, however; I don't believe you need to spend $300.00 or more, to have a professional inspector come in to inspect a brand new build.

A professional inspector is a necessity when you buy a resale home. They know exactly what to look for, and can find problems that can save us time, money and lots of heartache before we firm up a deal. Inspectors are invaluable when it comes to resales, and nobody will dispute that. Are they a necessity for new builds. No. Most professional home inspectors are not familiar with new builds, or the warranties that come with a new home, and a reputable inspector will confirm that.

A new build is under warranty so any problems that you might encounter will be rectified by the builder, and frankly, most deficiencies that you find during the PDI are cosmetic. What you do need to know is how to do a proper Pre Delivery Inspection. You need to know what to look for. Your builder will have a representative with you during the PDI who should be knowledgable in all areas of your new house or condo, but it is important that you are savvy in this area as well.

I am a firm believer that all purchasers - no matter if they are first time buyers or not, should be educated about the new home buying experience. They need to be comfortable, knowlegeable and prepared when they do the PDI and when they move into their new home. Everybody should know all about their homes and what the procedures are. You would never walk into any transaction without doing your research and knowing the facts. Well it is the same for buying a new home. You need to know the facts.

So, don't be fooled into believing that you need a professional home inspector when you buy a new home from a builder. All that you need is an education in the process and you will be ready to go.