It's a nice feeling when you can ease someones anxiety, and that is what I was able to do today. I received a call from a frantic homeowner who had some items on her 30 Day Form that had not been addressed. The time had passed for her to request a conciliation from Tarion, and she believed that she had no other recourse.

I explained that she did indeed have another chance to report the deficiencies at her year end anniversary. I also explained that she should call her builder to discuss - not argue - this as well. A reputable builder will still honour the items from the PDI and 30 Day Form even though the Tarion deadline had passed. All builders want their homeowners to be happy. It's in their best interest to do so. The homeowner felt so much better, and agreed to take my advise regarding calling her builder.

This incident is why I continually stress that all purchasers need to be educated in the new home buying industry for their own peace of mind.