I love when builders have grand openings.  It gives me an opportunity to meet the people standing in line waiting for the sales office to open.  I have a ready made audience.  I can talk to them about my services, explain how important it is to be well informed about the processes that takes place after they purchase their new home.  I can hand out my flyers and business cards, and I can answer questions.

Some might ask if my being at openings causes a conflict of interest.  Here I am talking about becoming educated, being prepared, knowing what to expect, all while the builder is trying to sell their homes. My response to that is, my services actually make the home buying experience so much better.  My service compliments the selling process.  Purchasers realize that they have
options regarding acquiring information to help them have a stress free experience, and this helps out the builder as well.

Builders will appreciate having purchasers, who eventually become homeowners, who they can work with without conflict.  It only makes sense that my services should be welcomed by builders because in results are that the builder and purchaser build a trusting and lasting relationship. What could be better?