It seems to be an exciting time when a builder announces an opening of new houses or condos.  People start to line up, sometimes the day before, so that they can be the first to grab the best lot or condo suite.  I have even seen people hire other people to stand in line for them, just so they won't miss out.

I can understand standing in line if the builder says that the first 100 people get $10,000.00 off the price of the property, or if the price is will be going up in 24 hours. But is it worth it to stand in line just to get a new home without any perks? I guess it's up to each individual.  I guess if there are only a few houses or suites that are available it might be worth your while, but I believe that builders, like any other retailer, does this sort of "grand opening" just to create a certain amount of urgency in people, wanting them to believe that they will lose out if they don't buy today.  This is how they create excitement about buying a new home from them.  There is so much competition out there so these grand openings are the best way to advertise their product.

Before standing in line, check to see if prices are going to change in the near future, check availability of lots or suites, and before rushing into anything, make sure you can afford this purchase.  Remember there will always be grand openings, but they don't mean a thing if you haven't done your homework to make sure that this is exactly what you want, and what you can afford. Don't get me wrong, if you really love a house or condo, and are nervous that you might miss out, by all means pack some snacks and drinks and get in line.

Buying a new house really can turn out to be an adventure in patience while standing in line, and diligence in doing your research.   Good luck.