It's a new day for Customer Care. People are busy, people want things done yesterday, people want answers not excuses, and on top of it all, people want to be treated with respect no matter how cantankerous they may be. 

Customer Care is a skill. You may like working with people, you may love getting the job done, and you may love the interaction. But, can you deal positively with the negative backlash from an angry, unruly customer? Someone who blames you for everything that has gone wrong, in their mind? Someone who lives by the rule that "the customer is always right", even if they are wrong? That is the question.

I have worked in Customer Care all my adult life, and for the past 18 years in the New Home Construction industry. I have dealt with every issue imaginable, and with every type of personality. It's not easy, and I have gone home with many headaches throughout the years, but I have never allowed myself to feel inadequate. That is the key. I knew that I was doing my very best to get the job done for my purchaser's and homeowner's in a timely manner, all the while ensuring that they felt in the loop and well taken care of. Don't we all want to feel well taken care of? 

My motto has always been "A Savvy Purchaser Becomes A Happy Homeowner". It totally makes sense. If we understand what is happening, no matter what the situation, we are less anxious, we feel included, and most importantly, we know what to expect. How can anyone get angry if they know what to expect? Now I am not suggesting that nobody gets angry or anxious even when they know the process, but their levels of anger and anxiety are far less, and easier to deal with. 

Because I am a true believer in excellent Customer Care, and because I have studied Alternative Dispute Resolution, I have started coaching Customer Care departments, in the New Home Construction industry, on how to turn their Customer Care into a winning team. I teach how to diffuse negative situations, how to deal effectively with purchasers/homeowners, colleagues, business associates and trades. I also teach important office procedures to ensure that the Customer Care Department is running efficiently to help avoid conciliations and lawyers letters. My goal is to have your homeowners become repeat buyers, and to spread the word about your wonderful Customer Care Team. Remember, Customer Care is the face of your company.

It's a new day for Customer Care. We need to learn how to deal effectively and efficiently with the purchasers of today. We can't just sluff people off, or give them less then adequate answers. People want and need to be savvy. DF Consultants can help.