New Home Purchasers Excited About DF Consultants

Toronto, ON – August 8, 2012 – After a successful inaugural year, DF Consultants excellent reputation for working with new home buyers has spread across the GTA.  Purchasers have recognized the importance of having DF Consultants on their team.

 “It has been a pleasure to work alongside DF Consultants,” says Matthew Slutsky, President and Co-founder BuzzBuzzHome. “Via their online dialogue (from Twitter to guest-blogging) DF Consultants has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the New Home After Sales Service procedures ensuring that new home purchasers are well informed, and understand what to expect before and after closing”.

DF Consultants is the first company in the New Home Construction Industry to educate purchasers about the policies and procedures that come with buying a new house or condominium from a builder. Darlene Freeman, Founder and President, recognized that purchasers were anxious after buying their new homes. She started DF Consultants determined to ease the uncertainty, in turn creating a better relationship between the builders and their homeowners.

“We had no idea what to expect or what to look for when we booked our PDI,” says Eric Kuperman, client of DF Consultants. “It was a comfort to know that we had DF Consultants with us during the Pre Delivery Inspection. Our PDI went smoothly and the consultation helped us to understand everything we needed to know about what is warranted, deficiency repairs, and what to expect from our builder.  All in all we walked away feeling very satisfied and confident as new home owners.  DF Consultants was a life saver.”

New home purchasers are eager to use DF Consultants for their services in attending the Pre Delivery Inspection and clarifying the After Sales Service procedures.  Brent Wilker Marketing Manager of Conasys Inc says, "I have seen first-hand the positive impact DF Consultants has made in the new home construction industry." 

DF Consultants creates a sense of trust that many homeowners do not feel after purchasing their new home leading new home buyers to recognize the advantage of using DF Consultants services. Other companies associated in new home construction have also recognized the importance of DF Consultants’ contribution to the industry.  “"DF Consultants fills a missing link for buyers who have never purchased new construction. I feel confident offering my customers their services to bridge that gap between builder and home owner". John Phillips, Urbanlife Realty

DF Consultants is looking to change the dynamics of the new home construction industry by ensuring that purchasers/homeowners understand their role and responsibilities as a new home buyer, and the builders’ role and responsibilities as a new home seller.

About DF Consultants
Darlene Freeman and her team at DF Consultants boast 15 years of experience in the new home construction industry. As professionals in After Sales Service in high-rise and single family homes, DF Consultants understands the importance of a good builder/purchaser relationship and achieves this by improving purchaser knowledge. The result is positive communication with the builder and a unique and valuable service that is not offered anywhere else. Look for Darlene Freeman’s column Buyers Forum in the Homes Extra section of the Toronto Sun newspaper. For more information please visit