It is a shame when a heritage building is knocked down to make way for a new condo. It changes the face of Toronto when something like that happens. We have to preserve heritage buildings so that the generations to follow can see Toronto for what it really is, a beautiful city that dates back well into the 1800′s.

If all of the old buildings are allowed to be distroyed, then Toronto will not be the same place any longer. Is it necessary to turn a city into a sleek modern looking metropolis, or is better to keep the ambience of yesteryear? I say keep the ambience. They don’t build buildings the way they used to. So much detail and character went into the exteriors as well the interiors, something we just don’t do anymore, at least not the way we use to.

I am so happy when I see builders having the forsight to preserve and restore the exteriors when they buy a heritage building to turn into condominiums. I can guarantee that people clammer to buy those particular condos, because the buildings of today just don’t have the same feel or warmth. I commend builders who keep the heritage building in tact to preserve the look of our Toronto.