Remembrance Day, a day that we give thanks and gratitude to all the men and woman who sacrificed their lives for our country.

I actually don’t like the idea of this day.  Why?  Because it represents war, death, hate, everything negative. So many brave and selfless people gave, and continue to give their lives to bring about peace and to hopefully make this world a better place, but we still haven’t learned a thing.  Wars still exist, people still hate, and nothing has changed, as a matter of fact people have found new and creative ways to kill and destroy. Remembrance Day, what are we remembering? That there is still unrest in this world? That evil still exists? That we send fathers, mothers, sons & daughters out to get killed just so the cycle of hate will begin again? I am sure that loved ones of the fallen would much rather have had them alive and with their families, instead of having a specific date to remember them.

Until people all start to think alike, until religion and race ceases to be an issue, until people really can accept others for who they are and what they believe, we will continue to have fallen soldiers to add to the list on Remembrance Day.  I would much prefer to have a time when Remembrance Day means, remembering the exact date when wars, hate and violence finally came to an end.