If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 15 years working in the new home construction industry, it’s that builders are human. What do I mean by that? Well, houses and condos are built by human hands, and human beings using machines to get the job done, which means that perfection is not a reality. That doesn’t mean that quality is not a reality.

I know that builders do construct safe and solid structures. They take every precaution to produce a product that will bring comfort and happiness to the people who buy them, but, unforeseen problems can arise. The best example is this new phenomenon with glass combusting and falling off condos. This sort of thing can give the builder a bad name, but do you really believe that a builder would purchase glass with the knowledge that it was going to come crashing down? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, an incident like this does bring about negative connotations towards the builder, and it is the builders’ name that is splashed all over the news and social media when something like this happens. To the builders’ detriment, potential buyers unfortunately can’t see past the builders’ name when they hear negative stories in the media. In reality however; this is a manufacturer issue.

Now, I am not saying that falling glass is not a concern, and extremely dangerous, but this does not speak to the builders capabilities, nor should it tarnish their reputation. This is something that needs to be reviewed by the glass companies who sell this product. Is glass regulated? Is it tested to see if it can with stand, heat, cold and pressure? I would say that the builders’ responsibility is to ensure that the company they use for windows and balconies has not had continual incident of breaking glass, and that the glass companies take immediate action if this sort of thing has happened.

Builders must follow stringent guidelines when building houses and condos, and they cannot deviate from those guidelines. As a result, builders do not take deficiencies lightly. It just would not make sense to knowingly put out a product that is substandard. Most importantly, builders understand that their homeowners are their best advertising, and it is their homeowners’ happiness and peace of mind that ensures repeat sales and referrals. So, my advice is, don’t make snap judgements or decisions when hearing or reading negative press about a builder. It is in your best interest to ask their homeowners how they feel. They are the ones who know firsthand about their builder and their new home. They are the ones who will give you the real “411”.