Just to share an experience.  The scenario: A homeowner who purchased a house from a builder pointed out over 200 items on their Pre Delivery Inspection, and again on their 30 Day Form.  The majority of the items are not warranted. The builder has on numerous occasions tried to set up appointments to go into this home to do the work. The homeowner continuously refuses access.  Now they have decided to contact my company for some assistance because the work is still not completed, the homeowners are very angry and they are hoping that I can give them answers.

My job is to educate homeowners in all aspects of After Sales Service.  I want to ensure that the homeowner understands all of the procedures which helps them to work cooperatively with their builder.  Initially in this case, I spoke to the homeowners who seemed very accommodating, and were eager to work with me and subsequently with their builder. I explained what they needed to do which was work out dates that the builder could come in to complete the outstanding deficiencies. I explained that the builder has time lines as to when work has to be completed, so I assured them that the builder would indeed work with them to get the items listed on the PDI and 30 Day Form completed.  I felt quite confident that any difficulties between the homeowner and builder would now be resolved.  Not so.  The homeowners, after one week, were back to refusing access to their home and even went on to tell me that they would not make it easy for the builder.  They obviously had some sort of agenda to somehow bring down the builder with Tarion Warranty Corporation.

I am sharing this story with you because the attitude of these homeowners will not hurt the builder, on the contrary it will slow down the process of completing work in their own home.  It consequently is causing the homeowners undue stress and much anger.  I did contact the builder on behalf of my clients, and they did seem quite prepared to resolve the issues in this home, however my clients seemed hellbent in being as difficult as possible.

This scenario is not uncommon. Not everyone is as difficult as these people, but some people truly believe that if they are demanding and try to control the situation, they will get work done in their home quickly.  This is not the case.  No matter how loud you are, no matter how demanding you are, any deficiencies that you may have found in your home on the Pre Delivery Inspection will get done in the same amount of time as if you were cooperative and quiet.  The only difference is, the people who work side by side with the builder have an easier and stress-free experience as opposed to an anxiety ridden, heart pounding, blood pressure rising experience. There is no need to butt heads with your builder.  It’s not good for the relationship, and it’s definitely not good for your health. 

Which experience would you rather have?  I thought so.