To everyone who has purchases a house or condo from a builder.  You have the power to get things done in your new house.  If you are feeling stress, angry, frustrated, then you have not built up a good relationship with your builder.  Trust me, if you have positive communication  with your builder, your anxiety levels will drop dramatically.

Builders don’t want to argue with their homeowners. They want to be able to do what ever they can to keep you as happy and satisfied as possible.  There are times of course, when things just happen, and work is not getting done in a timely manner.  This is when, as a homeowner, you need to try your best to keep your cool.  The builder will deal with all issues on your PDI, and will address all your concerns as per the Tarion rules.  If you can discuss your concerns, instead of allowing your emotions to take over, I can guarantee that your builder will take the time to explain the situation, they will keep you informed, and you will feel so much better.  Remember, EVERYTHING WILL GET DONE.

I promise you that a solid and respectful relationship with your builder will bring positive results.  Even if your builder has staff who are less than cordial, it is impossible for them to argue with a homeowner who is pleasant and accommodating.  YOU HAVE THE POWER!!  Use it.