When you purchase a house or condo from a builder, not only is your new home being built, but a relationship is being built between you and your builder. It's like with any friend that you have, if they are good friends you will do anything for them. 

Well it is really the same concept with your builder.  If you are easy to get along with, cooperative, respectful, your builder will want to keep you as happy as they can.  However; if you are belligerent, rude, uncooperative your builder will only do what they are required to do just to get you off their back.  Is that fair?  Well, it's human nature.  We tend to want to be around people who are pleasant, and easy to get along with. We want to nurture that kind of relationship. But, that goes for the builder as well. They have to have a top notch Customer Care department. Their representatives should be helpful, pleasant, respectful to their homeowners and reliable.  They also need to take responsibility for this new relationship.

Friendship is a two way street. You both have to give and take equally. You need to give respect to earn respect. Being educated about what to expect when you buy a house or condo from a builder is the first step in the right direction.  Understanding processess and procedures eliminates the unknown which ultimatley eliminates stress.  So, as your new home is being built, build a strong and lasting relationship with your builder.  You will be happy that you did.