Don't you find that when you go into other peoples homes, you see things that you wish you would have chosen in your own house? There are so many things that you can choose, and changes that you can make that you may not even think of until you see it somewhere else.

Most people make the obvious changes when they buy a new home, like choosing granite counter tops as an upgrade in place of arborite. Or choosing hardwood floors instead of carpet, potlights instead of standard fixtures, but there are other upgrades that people can add to their homes that they may not even be aware of.

Under mount lighting in the kitchen under the cabinets is a lovely idea, but another amazing choice would be to add above mount lighting over the cabinets as well. You will find that your kitchen will look so beautiful with soft lighting below and above the cabinets. Coffered ceilings is another upgrade that many people aren't aware of. They bring so much character to a room, and if you add lights to the coffered ceiling, the room takes on a whole new ambiance.

Lights can also be added to the exterior of your home as well. Potlights inserted into the soffits brings the house to life. Not only do they look great but they also deters intruders. Using lights inside and outside your home always adds warmth. Think of unusual places to add them and admire the affect that you will have created.

When choosing your interior finishes, try to think outside of the box. Look at magazines, or model homes, ask friends, or watch designer shows on television. Some extras are not as expensive as you might think, so it's best to be prepared with everything you want when attending your selections appointment.

If you want to make structural changes, discuss this at the sales office when you first buy your home. Structural changes must be approved by the builder, so it is best to bring these changes to their attention before construction begins. Just to let you know, most builders do charge a fee to make structural changes, but if the costs are within your budget, (never exceed your budget), you will be happy that you made them.

This is your new home and a blank slate, so be as creative as you can afford to be. Whether it is your first or your 5th home, you want to make it uniquely your own. The typical upgrades are nice, but think about items you have always wanted, and try to incorporate them into your new home. You will be so happy that you did