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Hello Darlene and Steve (The RedPin)

I would like to personally thank you both for your time. Steve, thank you for providing me this service of having The PDI Group assist in my PDI - it was well worth it! It was a pleasure meeting Lori, thank you Darlene for connecting us. I would like to commend Lori as she was amazing - very knowledgeable, provided great pointers and was very warm in her regards. Please extend my thanks to Lori once again.

Best regards,


What can we say except thank you for all your help.  DF Consultants is amazing. Jeff & Terry Reynolds

Good for you Darlene! You are amazing at this! Next house, you're in (again)!!  Tracy Feldman


Thank you for your immediate response to both my email and my subsequent telephone call. I truly wish that other companies were as helpful and on the ball as you are. I appreciate your attentiveness. Thank goodness for DF Consultants!  Lorie-Ellen Fishman


I don't know what we would have done without you. We had no idea that there was so much to know after purchasing a new home. You explained the After Sales Service process, Tarion Warranty Program and what to expect from the builder. This made the whole experience so much easier. Thank you DF Consultants for EVERYTHING. We will definitely spread the word about your services.

All the best, Natasha Abji


You were a great help to my wife and I when we purchased our new home. Meeting with you and learning everything we needed to know about what to expect was so valuable. Knowing that someone was looking out for us was a relief. Your knowledge and skills are an asset to all who don't know what to expect when they move into their new home. We are glad that you have started this service as there is nothing like it out there.

Keep up the good work!  Dennis Chang


Darlene, when we purchased our condos you were working for the builder at that time and you were wonderful. We had never experienced that kind of attention with any other builder, and that was due to your knowledge, your people skills, and your genuine concern for your homeowners. We are thrilled that you started DF Consultants. Your expertise will now be available to everyone who has purchased a new home. We fully stand behind you and will definitely tell our friends  family, and everyone who will listen about your company. Best of luck!

Kindest regards,  Elaine Schleifman


Thank you DF Consultants for all your help. We had no idea  what to expect or what to look for when we booked our PDI. It was a comfort to know that we had DF Consultants with us during the Pre Delivery Inspection. Our PDI went smoothly and the consultation helped us to understand everything we needed to know about what is warranted, deficiency repairs, and what to expect from our builder. You were very informative and took the time to answer all of our questions. All in all we walked away feeling very satisfied and confident as new home owners. We can't thank you enough for everything. DF Consultants was a life saver. Everybody who buys a home from a builder should be calling you if they want their After Sales Experience to go smoothly and stress free. We will be spreading the word about your service.

Thank you again.  Eric Kuperman


Darlene, we want to thank you so much for all your help. We have purchased other homes in the past, but the PDI experience never went as smoothly as it did this time, and that is all because of you. You are so knowledgeable, and so thorough. We truly could not have done this without you. Thank you for everything.  We hope that everybody reads these testimonials because your service is so important and much needed in this industry. Lawrence and Hazel Pollack















I Wanted to personally thank DF Consultants for coming into our office and doing such a wonderful Customer Care Seminar.  I do have to say that it was very beneficial and informative for my team. I was given feedback from my whole team and each and everyone of them said that they had a great time and loved that they were able to interact with you in asking questions.  

This has helped my team reaffirm the importance of our Service Department and most importantly how to deal with homeowners effectively.

I would recommend DF Consultants to any builder. Julian Uccello, Director of Operations, Stateview Homes

DF Consultants' services have been extraordinarily useful to our clients who have purchased new construction. We have received rave reviews from our clients who are amazed by how much they learned about the new construction process, procedures and the Tarion Forms after meeting with Darlene Freeman.  Darlene's knowledge is second to none. Christine Cowern, Team Leader, Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty

DF Consultants is the go to company for Pre Delivery Inspections. 

Darlene Freeman and her team have proven that you can receive professional PDI’s conducted with integrity, while keeping their prices affordable.  Darlene and her team’s expertise in customer care have enabled them to keep our clients happy while delivering the expected results and then some.

We would not hesitate to recommend DF Consultants to our clients. Dennise Paccione, TheRedPinDirector, New Home Sales,


David Mach, Manager of Customer Care at Onni Group, was enthusiastic about using DF Consultants to conduct their PDI's. His knowledge of Darlene Freeman’s, Founder and President of DF Consultants, expertise in the new home construction industry was his motivation to begin forging their business relationship.  Mach’s goal is to ensure that Onni Group has the best team to welcome their purchasers into their new luxury condominiums in downtown Toronto.  Taken from our 2013 Press Release


It has been a pleasure to work along side DF Consultants. Via their online dialogue, from Twitter to guest-blogging DF has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the New Home After Sales Service Procedures ensuring that new home purchasers are well informed, and understand what to expect before and after closing.  Matthew Slutsky, President / Co-founder,

I have seen first hand the positive impact DF Consultants has made in raising awareness of the common issues experienced by new home buyers. It is our belief that Darlene's efforts are raising the standards for how homeowners are educated in this industry. Brent Wilker
Marketing Manager, Conasys Inc.


DF Consultants fills a missing link for buyers who have never purchased new construction. I feel confident offering my customers their services to bridge that gap between builder and home owner. John Phillips, Urbanlife Realty


Your service is very important in this industry. I believe that when a purchaser understands the process that takes place after buying a home from a builder, they are less likely to feel stressed or nervous. I am a real estate agent so I know that the builder/purchaser relationship is very important. Your service helps to create that harmony. Keep up the good work!  Rodica Iliescu, ReMax All-Stars Realty